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Voiles or more commonly known as net curtains are made of a light weight material – allowing the sun rays to pass through without interfering with the privacy of your home. Your home will be brightened in the day while still giving you secrecy so outsiders cannot take a peek inside. The net fabric in voiles looks gorgeous on the windows and you can choose a colour which sets in with the overall theme of the room.

Voile Curtains

Voile curtains have a sheer opaque appeal which is ideal for an elegant yet airy home. The extra light weighted material allows sunlight to pass through effortlessly. They are a key pick when you want to prevent flies or insects from entering your home in summer days. For winters, they can be coupled up with other curtain lining.  Voile curtains can make your home stunning. The light weight fabric is perfect to create a calm and pretty atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. They will never be out of fashion because of the light and airy feel they generate while still protecting your confidentiality in the home.

Lined Voile Curtains

Lined voile curtains are the ultimate choice of those looking for something that compliments the room. If you are worried about the transparency of these curtains & don’t want strangers to look through your room- we have a solution. Use lined voile curtains with coordinating lining to make it more secure.

If you don’t want to hugely experiment, you can go for basic white lined voile curtains too. Because of their basic and simple outlook, they will nicely lift the bedroom without any extreme changes. So many different colour are available for you. Lined voile curtains in cream are elegant. We also have a separate section for lined voile eyelet curtains to help you choose comfortably, if you have these particular ones in mind.

Eyelet voile curtains

Get eyelet voile curtains on up to 50% off at Yorkshire Linen. They will perfectly compliment your home by adding a very nice appeal to the windows. For complete range of eyelet curtains, you can go here.

Voile Panels

Choose voile panels at Yorkshire Linen to go with the curtains. They are best suited for hanging/holding them according to the way you want. Voile panels are helpful in passing the curtains smoothly through the rods. At Yorkshire Linen, our voile panels start at only  £6.99. You can achieve a beautiful bedroom with these, without breaking the bank. We have different colours and variations available so that you can choose according to the style of your home.

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