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Door Curtains

Door curtains are a classic solution for excluding chilly draughts from your home in winters. Nothing beats the feeling you get: when you step into your house after being out in the icy cold weather & then you experience instant warmth in the home. Door curtain makes this possible. They are not just functional for a warm, cosy ambience but they also look great on the hallway or entrance door.

Do not think of it as a vintage or old fashioned way! These are now used in modern home décor themes. They nicely cover the front door, giving you not just perfect temperatures, but absolute privacy as well. If you choose cheap door curtains from Yorkshire Linen, you will have to pay as less as £20 for them. But the benefit you’ll get out of these is huge. They will reduce your electricity bill & help save a lot of money. Think of it as an investment.

Thermal door curtains

Thermal door curtains can transform your lifestyle! They have insulated properties - they will trap the cool air in Summers, making your home comfortable. In winters, the draughts will stay out. Use these for internal/external, patio doors or glass doors. You can obtain an optimum temperature inside the house, no matter what season it is. Thermal door curtain is a great cost cutter for expensive heating systems or electrical heaters. They keep the temperature comfortable for you without any pricey investment.

At Yorkshire Linen, we make sure that the right ‘thermal’ properties are a part of this range. All our items are 100% tested and verified to beat the adversities of any harsh weather. Complete blackout range is also available in thermal options to ensure you a complete solution for unwanted sunlight or temperature changes.

Ready made door curtains

Ready made door curtains do not need any finishing! They are prepared for you and all you have to do is, set them out on the entrance door. This saves you time and no big adjustments are needed. You can choose them in a colour/theme which goes with your overall décor and simply set them up for experiencing a cosy effect in the house.

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