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Eyelet Curtains

Choose eyelet curtains for your home: if you admire both simplicity & functionality. They have become a modern home essential these days. Hang them in flawless set folds because they do not use heavy fabric and have a very neat fall. At Yorkshire Linen, you can find even the newest designs on a discounted price. This allows you to change your bedroom theme whenever you want without having to worry about high prices. Not just that we give you many filters to choose from on the left side. This keeps your selection easy & you only see the sizes, brands or colours that you already have in mind.

Eyelet curtains are a saviour for easy handling and perfect folds. You can be benefitted by easy open and shut because they do not have any complicated rings at the pole. This will enable you to take them down very easily when you have to clean them up. Hooks on the other hand give a hard time and are not so easy to handle. These are perfect when you are looking for a way to make your windows elegant without compromising on the usability factor.

You can create an optical illusion with them too. If you have smaller windows, eyelet curtains will make them look bigger than usual because their coverage is mostly to the wall & not the window. This lets the window and the view to expand. It is very important that you select the right size. 66 x 54, 90 x 90, & 46 x 90 etc are available. Co ordinate them with the colour scheme of your room: we have grey, pink, whites & many more!

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