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90 x 108 Curtains

90 x 108 Curtains from Yorkshire Linen

What style of curtain should I choose?

There are a wide variation of differing styles and types of curtains dependent upon the look and feel you want to create in your home. So whether you want contemporary décor or a more traditional look we have a wide range of design styles to fit both eyelet curtains  or pencil pleat curtains. Eyelet curtains traditionally have a metal eyelets evenly spaced about 4 cms from the top of the curtain, a curtain pole can then be threaded through, this gives a concertina look to the top of the curtains but allow them to hang with soft loose folds.

Pencil Pleat have a tape at the top that usually have three differing rows of micro pockets that allow the height of the curtains to be adjusted slightly. The cords allow the pleats to be tightened to create the effect of the pleats, the tighter you pull the chords the more pleats you have. Pencil pleat curtains often hang really well and are synonymous with sophistication as they are a bit more flexible and can be hung around bay windows.

For bedrooms we sell a range of blackout curtains to ensure that daylight does’nt interrupt a good night’s sleep.

Curtain Accessories

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the key to successful designing is in adding those finishing touches that ultimately make all the difference to a home. We have an extensive range of accessories for curtains such as tie backs & swags, the perfect finishing touch to any curtain.  Voiles can also be used to decorate windows in any room in the house.

We also supply blackout linings which are very popular in bedrooms to keep out the daylight and allowing uninterrupted sleep.