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If you are looking for a solution to get you cosy while sleeping, our bedspreads will be perfect for you for all seasons. In winters they will keep you cosy because they completely wrap you up with their snuggly material. For summers, our comforters are ideal for giving the right amount of comfort, to relax you. They are less bulky than any other kind of bedding and washing or handling them is very easy to do. You can now transform your bed and unwind after a long hard day.

Our collection is designed to match any colour or theme. The dense woven fabric is not easy to tear and serves for a lifetime. It is an investment for an uninterrupted sleep!

Get Cotton & Quilted Bedspreads in UK

At Yorkshire Linen, two of our most popular ranges of bedspreads are our cotton and quilted bedspreads. Our cotton bedspreads are extremely soft and cozy and are perfect for getting you through chilly nights. Our quilted bedspreads are made with a higher thread count which offers a much smoother & fine texture thus giving you more comfort and ease. Quilt style bedspreads can turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. You can layer up your bed with this and the warmth will soothe you down for a deep sleep experience! Just put this on your bed and forget about waking up multiple times in the night because you were feeling cold. You can check our range with matching throws here.

Fitted Bedspreads for extra support

We recommend a fitted bedspread for those who are trying to have a cosy bed! You can be as size-specific while selecting these, as you want. They come with the perfect fitting and will not slip unlike normal ones. You can check our range with matching throws here. Go here for our best seller Catherine Lansfield range.

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