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Customers old and new will be delighted to hear our exciting news. The Yorkshire linen website will reopening very shortly. You will once again be able to find all your favourite products and a whole lot more.

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Bed Throws

Throws are a smart & inexpensive way to completely change the look of your bed, living room or just liven up a comfy old chair or simply to snuggle under . The aesthetic impact throws can have is huge because they really set the tone of any room. Drape them artlessly within any room in a colour/theme which is in harmony with the overall style. Make your room inviting now without spending too much money. Get them now because to add an extra degree or two of comfort to any bedroom.

Our bedspreads & throws start only at £5! View our entire range to decide what works best for your home

Linen Bed Throws

Use linen throws as they are the best style maker for your home. Not only they are pretty to the eyes, but they are highly functional too.

The material used in them is 100% linen which makes them very soft.

Easy in weight- we are confident that they will be the perfect drape! Just pull these up and become comfortable. Co-ordinate with the overall theme. They are good to add texture and colour. Linen throws are the solution to make your bedding more personal .Warm up in winters, because linen is the best textile for retaining heat. In Summers, simply use them without any blanket.

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