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Customers old and new will be delighted to hear our exciting news. The Yorkshire linen website will reopening very shortly. You will once again be able to find all your favourite products and a whole lot more.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the the very near this space

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90 x 90 Curtains

Want 90 x 90 curtains in outclass designs and prints? Looking for a solution to cover those big windows and patio doors in the house? Want to adopt a price-friendly product which doesn’t disturb the monthly house-hold budget?

You have come to the right place here at Yorkshire Linen! What is your style? Plain, embroidered, floral, stripes textured or tapestry? You can conveniently find an ideal match for your home with us. Get them, hang them and see the difference for yourself. They will tremendously transform the feel of your home.

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