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Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are more than about creating pitch dark in your bedroom. They are life-altering. Have you ever wanted to take a calm afternoon nap but just couldn’t because the day light kept making it hard for you to wind down? Or, in the evening when you want to lie down for getting some peace but the street lights cause you trouble.

If you are thinking as to why get them, here are a few reason:

  • They help you sleep better. Imagine a good rest without the obstructions from the outside world. No sound or light will enter your comfort zone.
  • Multi-seasonal properties are associated to them. In summers, they force the day light to stay out. For winters, they will trap the warmth & not let you feel cold.
  • They are good news for light sleepers and toddlers. If you have kids, you can put them to bed easily because the calm environment in the bedroom will help them dose off. Think of them as an anecdote for hyper-active-restless minds.
  • Cost effectiveness; They can impressively reduce your electricity costs. The way they are able to do it is: they have thermal properties which means they are able to adjust the temperatures of your room – no matter what season.
  • Last but not the least: They look great! There is no need to compromise on the overall look of your bedroom. At Yorkshire Linen, we have many options available in our collection. Colors, textures, different sizes: you name it, we have it

How Blackout curtain linings help?

In case, you don’t want to experiment and just want a cost-effective solution: : our easy to pair blackout curtain linings will be ideal in your situation. All you have to do is, introduce them to your existing ones and still achieve the same effect of complete shut-out. We have made them an integral part of our range and have many variations available.

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