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Customers old and new will be delighted to hear our exciting news. The Yorkshire linen website will reopening very shortly. You will once again be able to find all your favourite products and a whole lot more.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the the very near this space

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Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks & holdbacks are an excellent way to lift up your window dressing. At Yorkshire, we offer a wide range of curtain tie backs to choose from. Our range includes everything from beaded tie backs to tassel tie backs. We also offer a collection of fabric holdbacks that you can match with your drapes. Our collection of curtain tiebacks is designed keeping all preferences in mind. No matter what sort of curtains you have, you will find a match here. So, browse on our website and get your hands on good quality economical and cheap tie backs.

Fabric & Tasseled Curtain Tiebacks

Our fabric and tasseled curtain tiebacks are an absolute favourite amongst our customers. We offer a range that is suitable for almost every space be it an office room, your tv lounge or your child’s room, you will get something that you like. From elegant floral and solid-coloured fabric tie backs to flashy diamonds and voile hold backs you can get everything. Browse through our collection to find your pick.

Curtain Holdbacks

One of the best things that come out of our range is – the curtain holdbacks are not at all difficult to manage or incorporate. We provide you with extensive detail for each product so you can assess what goes best with your individual space. Not just for adults, our range is best suited for kids rooms too. This will help you create a neat room without any mess. 

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