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Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pleated curtains are the best choice for perfectly fitting any window & pole size! They are a recommended pick when: you just want to adjust the tops for fitting any kind of window. There is a unique property associated to them which is- they are already pleated with tightly gathered folds. All you have to do is slide them through the hole. This gives you flexibility for making adjustments tailored to your window. Create a soft, informal but impressive look in any room of the house!

Ready Made Pencil Pleat Collection For You

Our range for ready made pencil pleat curtains come in a lot of variations for colour, size, design etc You can comfortably choose the one which matches the aesthetics of your living room, kitchen or bedroom. The tight folds give a very strong yet presentable look, while holding your curtains to the pole gracefully.

This type of curtain can really make your life easier if you are moving your home, because these let you adjust the tops and you can fit it with a pole of another size.

When you are buying a pencil pleat curtain anywhere in UK, price can be a major concern. Yorkshire Linen starts this range from as low as £9.99! Our chocolate brown range is extremely popular. Start placing your orders now. To achieve a complete look, you can co ordinate them with matching bedding sets aswell.

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