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Grey Duvet Covers

Grey duvet covers are exactly what you need! They come in not a single tone, but various different shades [Warm, light, neutral] This allows you to get creative and go for the one which coincides with what you have in mind.

This colour is never out of vogue because of its easy to play with nature. Put a grey duvet cover on your bed to set a tone of neutrality. Then, co ordinate the entire bedroom with a secondary base colour of choice! The outcome: A peacefully enriched bedroom with neutral tones.

Stony & pale greys are a good way to be exposed to this colour. You can go towards darker tones as well. Grey duvet covers are not just fascinating but useful for putting other colours on top.

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Yellow & Grey Duvet Cover Sets

Yellow & grey duvet covers are a popular combination. It is like having the best of two worlds: with yellow giving it a pop of colour & grey to establish a neutral base.

Try them in double, single, king size & super king. Check complete range of duvet covers here.

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