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What's The Difference Between A Platform Valance and a Fitted Valance Sheet?

We're often asked 'what's the difference between a platform valance and a fitted valance sheet?'. In fact, the purchase of the wrong option by mistake is one of the most common reasons for product exchanges here at, so here's a quick guide to the difference between the two to help you avoid making the same mistake:


Platform valances

A platform valance (also known as a base valance) goes under your mattress and covers the base of the bed only. The skirt of the valance then drops to the floor. The drop of our platform valances is 16"/ 40.5cm. With platform valances you need a separate sheet to cover the mattress.


Fitted Valance Sheets

Fitted valance sheets go over your mattress like a fitted sheet but instead of only covering the mattress they have a skirt that drops all the way to the floor. Essentially a fitted valance sheet does the job of a fitted sheet and a platform valance at the same time. Our fitted valance sheets have a sheet depth of 9”/23cm and a drop of 16”/40.5cm.